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Biography - Richmond VA wedding photographer



There are Third Eye Blind lyrics hidden throughout this website. See if you can find them. ;)

My name is Shalese (shuh-lease), and yes, when I give my name to the Starbucks barista, the white cup they put in my hands always has a new variation of the spelling. I'm a proud JMU Duke, and the Blue Ridge Mountains have my heart. I get really impressed by little things like extra starry nights and song lyrics that are so perfectly strung together they make your heart hurt. I prefer to have a good book within arm's reach, and it's quite possible that I would starve to death without Luna Bars and thin spaghetti.

But that's all just the funny stuff. The most important thing for you to know about me is that I love love and telling stories. My goal is to give my clients photographs that will become heirlooms. I know how I feel when I look at boxes full of old family photos and the prints from my parent's wedding, I want to make sure that the next generation gets to experience the same thing. I have always loved holding those aging prints in my hands and watching my parent's faces as they relive old memories.

In this very digital world, I want to be sure that your experience with me is a tangible one so that the magic of sitting amid a pile of old photographs and hearing the stories attached to each worn photograph isn't lost on the next generation.

So let's make some stories to tell! Get in touch with me using the Contact tab above or by emailing

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